Art Director

Duties include:

- Creating the cover for the upcoming thread volume.

- Creating promotional materials, from flyers to bookmarks and button designs.

- In charge of evaluating art submissions.

 - Photographing the reading events hosted by thread.

 - Contributing to our social media presence.

 - Actively promoting art/ photography submissions to thread


Michelle Calicchio

Art Director for thread


Requirements for Art director

- Ability to clearly articulate thoughts, opinions and ideas.
- Ability to dissect a piece of art with a critical eye.
- Knowledge understanding, and execution of the critique process.
- Big picture design skills to produce a well composed cover.
- Ability to assess art in terms of how it will affect the target audience.
- Experience with Photoshop a plus.


thread is looking for a new Art Director to begin during the Fall 2017 semester. Applications will be accepted until April 7th, 2017. Interviews will follow immediate after.


If interested, please send your name, U number, major, year, GPA, and a few art samples (at least one flyer) to Make sure our current Art Director, Michelle, is cc'd in the email.

Designs (flyers, print covers, etc.) created by Michelle, thread's current Art Director.